Quilt Along #32: Wiggle it up with Snake Paisley

Quilt Along #32: Wiggle it up with Snake Paisley

Leah Day is teaching us how to do another one of her awesome designs.
 Pivoting Designs

Here is the quilt top unfinished, just to give you a look at the whole quilt I am making. 
I have taken the four corner blocks and used old jeans on the 9 patches, 
and the outside border is two pair of mens jeans legs.

In the picture below is one design that I had learned from Leah Day. 
It looks stunning in this block.
This is actually the design that I decided to do in all of the blocks, except for those below that I was 
practicing on trying to find the "just right design."

Here is one that I was practicing on trying to find out what design I wanted in the whole quilt....(below)

below is another I was trying out.

below is this months Leah Day design. It worked rather well in this block.
But it still wasn't the "just right design" I was looking for.

 I am loving the way these designs are making this quilt look.

Thanks Leah Day for the lovely designs...


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