How to make a pillow case with only three seams

Updated 5-30-12:  I added photos of niece and her pillow.

How to make a pillowcase.....

I am soo happy to say that I came across a really awesome, and easy tutorial the other day.
It is a quick  way to make a pillowcase with just three seams.

Take a look at this YouTube tutorial.

I have to say a big thank you to The Crafty Gemini for making this tutorial, and for giving me her approval to use one of her pictures.

I have a niece who recently had a birthday party, and I didn't know what to get her. She is only in kindergarten, and has a lot of toys already, so I didn't want to go that rout.  I decided to make her a purple pillow case, beings it is her favorite color. I appliqued some princesses on the pillow case, another of her favorites. I used Vanessa's tutorial, but I made an alteration to it. In the small piece of fabric, I added cording to make it more special. I used silk for the top of the pillowcase and for the tubing part.
I have recently purchased some Sulky Metallic thread which I used for this project. I really like the look it gave this case.
When I made my pillow case, I made a mistake (in my eyes only it seams).

It has to stand up to see the appliques.......

The inside of the pillowcase shows you can not see the threads, this way of sewing hides the threads.

 My niece loved the pillow even with my flaw...

 The photo below is the Crafty Gemini's pillowcase.

 It is such an awesome project, I hope you will give it a try, and share pics with me if possible of your 
pillowcase that you make.

Once again, here is the link to make the pillow case.

Tutorial and pillow case picture are courtesy of 
Crafty Gemini

TaTa for now....

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  1. This comment was from my Mother sent to my email, and I wanted to share it on this page......

    Well there is no way to post a comment from me. We are proud of you and still have not found the flaw. You are carrying on a family tradition that I thought was dying.