Craftsy Block of the Month (BOM)

I am currently quilting some blocks through:
By: Amy 

I have made many blocks, these are just a few of the blocks that I could find on my computer.

I have taken photos of these blocks many different ways, and the camera can not capture the true color of these blocks. I have reds, oranges, and blacks going on here. I will try to capture better images as time goes on. 

Here I am trying out different materials. I really liked the, what I call, finger print material.

This photo is a little closer up so you can get a better view.

This picture got turned sideways and I do not know how to turn it. In the photo above, it is turned right

These three blocks, above and below, were the hexagon challenge. 

Below are the May blocks

I look forward to seeing your pictures.

TaTa for now....

1 comment:

  1. these are lovely blocks.
    Are you quilting them by hand or machine?
    please show it again when it is done.

    I love your first (blank) page: very creative!