Mug Rug Sewing Directions

The directions are below the pictures.

These Mug Rugs are machine washable and dryer safe. I have added the directions at the bottom.

                                        Here in this picture, I have two mug rugs and a snack mat.

I made these mug rugs for Christmas 2011 for myself. I actually used them to put Christmas decorations on.

They have leather on the bottom of them. These are not good to throw in the washer. I would have to wash them and let it air dry.

The photo below is a perfect size as a mini placemat

Below is the back side of the ones above. I quilted around some of the muffins and coffee cups.

The ones below are coffee beans. These are Mug Rugs, perfect size for a drink and snack.

Below is a picture of the Back side of coffee bean above.

This material is Tea Time.

Metallic thread for the binding. I rarely hand stitch my binding, as It lasts longer by machine stitching.

Below is the back side of Tea Time.

I was practicing my feather FMQ. Mug Rugs are a great time to practice your FMQ.

I just made one like this one below. I was limited on fabric.

The back shows the quilting I used on it.

Now that you have seen some of mine, please share with me pictures of yours when you get them done.

Mug Rug directions:

Items needed:
Scrap fabric of any size. 
6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inch pieces for the back piece of snack mats.
4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inch pieces for the back of the mug rug in the first set of pictures
2 1/2 inch strips WOF for binding

  1. First sew the scrap fabrics however you want, be creative and design your own top section.
  2. Cut the top, that you just sewed, the same size as the back piece.
  3. Cut batting at least 1/2 inch to 1 inch bigger than the actual block. 
  4. After they are sandwiched together, pin them or use basting spray.Then practice with a quilting design that you have wanted to try. 
  5. The next step is to cut the mug rug or snack mat the size that you are comfortable with. You should not have to cut off much, just to even it up. If making more than one, make sure they are both the same size.
  6. Now comes the binding.
  7. Take the binding strips and sew them together to make one big piece. 
  8. Then sew on the binding. 
  9. If you go to youtube and enter in the search engine mittering the corners of a quilt, there is a great tutorial if you do not know how to sew on binding. 
I will have to make another tutorial on how to sew binding together to make one big strip. There are secrets to it, and a reasoning behind doing it that way. I am also going to add mittering corners as well.

TaTa for now


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