Make your own Binding and sewing it on Tutorial

Making and sewing binding Tutorial

I start by cutting my material 2" x wof (with of fabric)
then I put it across like the picture below shows. 
right sides together
Then you sew from corner to corner-pictures below

Then you cut 1/4" from seam -pictures below

take it to the ironing board and starting from the end fold over a little bit and iron. 
The wrong side is up -picture below
Iron all the binding in 1/2, wrong sides together. -picture below
This is why we sew the binding like this, instead of just straight across.
when you sew with it, the bulk is not all in one spot, making it easier to sew binding to anything.
 -pictures below

Now, turn your project to the wrong side. I start in the center of one side, and see where I am holding the starting of the binding in the photo above? I leave about this much open, then start sewing. Make sure you backstitch when you start and stop.
Sew 1/4 " from the end, then backstitch. -Photo above
Pull the fabric away from the machine, no need to clip the thread. -Photo above
Then I just put it back under the pressure foot to hold it so I can make the mitered corner. 
take the binding and stretch it to make the corner, and where I am holding the binding has to be eaven with the bottom of the project you are working on. -Photo above and the photo below

Then fold it over to lay flat onto your project, holding the corner so it doesn't move.-Photo above
See the end that I am holding up? This is how it will look at this point.-Photo above
Turn your project. Notice the binding under the pressure foot, it goes slightly past the stitching line. then sew to the other corner.-Photo above
Then do the same thing for the remaining three corners.
When you come to the last corner, go around in the same manner as above. 
In the photo below, with the needle in fabric, cut your binding. 
See under the binding I am holding up? that is the beginning of the binding. I am cutting a little past the beginning, but before the spot where I started sewing, so I can tuck the end inside the beginning.
 I am tucking the end inside the beginning.-Photo below
 I use a tool to help me hold the beginning of the binding down so I can finish sewing the straight stitch to my beginning sewing spot.-Photo below
 Now cut the binding a little close to the stitching making sure not to clip stitching.-Photo below
 Now to the ironing mat.-Photo below
 Iron the backside of the project open only on the sides, not on the corners.-Photo below
 Turn your project to the front side and start ironing, first laying it how mine is.-Photo below
 Then the corner of the second side will look like this when you turn and iron each corner mitered -Photos below

 turn and do the other side-Photo below
 This is how the last side will look, notice both corners. Just turn this end up and iron. Photo above
 This is how it should look at this point. Photo above
 I set my machine to one of the decorative stitches. I chose #10, it is not only a zig zag. I just like the look of it. Photo above
 I start in the middle of the bottom, but you can start on anyside. But must be in the center. No need to backstitch at this point, just put it in and start sewing. -Photo above
In the photo above, you will notice I sew on the inside edge of the binding. This will hold it in place to where when washed, the binding does not flip up. You will be sewing over the straight stitch seam we just put in on the reverse side. So you will need a larger needle. I do not use a size 14, I use the size under that one. I think it is a 12.

 Sew all the way around then backstitch over the beginning stitching. Clip thread and you are done. Photo above.
The photos above and below are the end product you should have at this point.

 In the photo below, the back sometimes will look this perfect, but other times it will not look so nicely. I do not sew binding by hand, because I like the finished look on the front better this way and it holds up better with a lot of washings.

I like to use cotton batting and I love to stipple my projects, as it is an easier FMQ for me.

I would love for you to send me a link to a picture of your finished project.
Have Fun
TaTa for now

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